x-Summer 2020 Groups

Updated July 9, 2020

  • New summer online groups are forming to start the week of July 20, running 5 weeks to August 21. To accommodate family vacations, you can choose to enroll for 3, 4, or 5 of those weeks.
  • We typically offer two one-hour web sessions per week, between 10 am and 2 pm Monday-Friday.
  • Class sizes are typically from four to six students, with students grouped within 2 or 3 grade levels.
  • Fee per hour varies depending on group size, ranging from $10/hour for groups of 8 or more to $25 for a group of 3.
  • We highly encourage families to get together with friends/peers of the student to form a small group of young people who already know each other! 10% discount for referrals into the same group.
  • IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: email nate@welearntogrow.com or call 617-899-3136 to describe what you’re interested in, or fill in the no-commitment pre-registration form at the bottom of this page. We will respond to advise you about course status; when it’s sufficiently registered, we will advise you to complete your registration.
  • Online information sessions available to learn more.

Science Exploration

Let’s learn science through hands-on, student-designed experiments! Topics will be designed based on student interest and previous science knowledge. Some topics may include: how to create the best volcanic explosion, how to create the best sugar crystals, factors affecting respiratory rate or heart rate, modeling how cancerous cells reproduce, and much more. [Instructor: Erin Dempsey] 

Harry Potter Discussion

We will select suitable points for discussion for wherever enrollees are in the series, with essay writing, presenting, acting, art-making, research, and other activities. Our purpose is to share in the enjoyment of the books by engaging in fun social interactions online and by the individual pursuit of imaginative tasks that deepen the particular skills the student chooses to concentrate on. [Instructor: Nate Binzen]

Artistic Building

Explore the basics of 3D art and sculpting while building art objects from materials that are typically found in and around the home. Students will learn how to make three-dimensional artworks that are strong, stable, and exciting to look at from all sides! Well-known artists and art movements will serve as inspiration. Supplies needed include: old cardboard boxes, ruler, box cutter/scissors, white glue (like Elmer’s), modeling clay, tissue paper, string, disposable plastic containers and a sketchbook. [Instructor: Alice Sipple]:

Exploring Together

Flexible project/discovery assignments and motivating peer interactions offer a chance to spend meaningful time with others in this time of social distancing, along with interesting tasks to fulfill on the student’s own time. Projects are adapted to students’ interests, and typically involve reading/writing, digital arts like stop-motion and 3D modeling, and performance, debates and guided conversations. It’s about providing frequent opportunities for engagement in collaborative learning, while encouraging self-expression, creating, and opportunities to apply critical thinking. [Instructor: Nate Binzen]

The Happiness Project

Do you wish you could become more present in the moment and explore things that make you happy? Together, we will explore a variety of ways to become more calm and energized and feel better. Some activities we will explore are mindful breathing, spending time in nature, community service, art activities, baking, and much more! Students will also design many of their own activities for this course, with teacher guidance. [Instructor: Erin Dempsey]

Getting Perspective

Learn the basics of one and two-point perspective drawing! Explore the outdoors in search of inspiration for artworks. Work in collaboration with others — in break-out rooms — to share ideas and create projects together! During this course, we will do all of the above, plus create optical art, paint a land/cityscape, and build an earthwork, using the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Serra as inspiration. Supplies needed include: a 90 lb. sketchbook, drawing pencils and erasers, watercolors or tempera paint. [Instructor: Alice Sipple]:

Biology review (grades 10-11)

Do you need a refresher on tricky concepts from 9th or 10th grade biology? In this hands-on course, well review major concepts such as mitosis, osmosis, and protein synthesis using manipulatives, videos, and silly analogies. The course can review all biology topics or specific topics based on student preference. This course can be used in preparation for enrollment for advanced coursework in biology or in preparation for MCAS biology testing. [Instructor: Erin Dempsey]:

Individual Tutoring

Tutoring in any of the subjects listed for our teachers on the home page.

“We’re interested” summer 2020 pre-registration form

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