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Nate Binzen

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During these pandemic times, we are here to supplement or replace your child’s school supply of remote and in-person learning activities and personal connection. We provide a weekly structure of project assignments and motivating peer and teacher interactions. It’s about strengthening engagement with the world outside while learning and creating.

“That sort of assignment is perfect in my opinion… hands on, critical thinking, with a chance to demonstrate the project to peers.”

We Learn To Grow parent


Project-based enrichment, academic support, and executive function support (remote/online or in-person in or near Arlington, MA) for middle schoolers – LEARN MORE

Small, grade-level groups and online study halls to maximize the social benefits of existing peer and friend networks – connect with friends and peers to form a group! – LEARN MORE

Individual tutoring for all middle-school subjects, with a focus on organization, thoroughness, building independence. If interested, please email Nate at nate@welearntogrow.com or call 617 899 3136.


  • provide frequent opportunities for meaningful engagement in collaborative learning
  • motivate student participants to be regularly accountable to the group
  • encourage self-expression and opportunities to apply critical thinking
  • offer verbal ‘formative’ feedback, opportunities for self-reflection and peer assessment

He’s consistently said how much he enjoys the class and especially the regular interaction with his friends and a teacher, something he has missed these past months.”

We Learn To Grow parent


  • Synchronous online meetings and asynchronous project-based learning
  • Grades 5-8 (variety of subjects) and 9-12 (social studies, English, arts & humanities)
  • Small groups of 4 to 8 students, ideally those who already know each other (parents, talk to others you know to form a group!)
  • Elements can be flexibly adapted (frequency, subject material, learning goals)
  • Curriculum geared to state standards and can be related to schoolwork or not
  • Minimizing screen time to the extent possible
  • Collaborating teachers provide a wider range of subject expertise
  • Individual tutoring also available

“[My son] needs regular contact and is very much enjoying the work you are assigning!”

We Learn To Grow parent



I have taught History (Massachusetts 5-12 certified) and Psychology for the past four years, mostly for grades 9-12, including two years in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program at the American International School in Cairo, Egypt. I have a Masters in Theology (science-and-religion studies) and have taught in prisons as well as elementary and middle schools. After moving back to the States in Sept. 2019, I substitute-taught in Arlington and Somerville, MA before switching to remote learning during the pandemic. Before teaching, my career was in marketing communications and research. I am a believer in project/inquiry-based learning, dedicated to making learning relevant and engaging.


I am a 12th year teacher with experience teaching and tutoring grades 4-12 (and freshmen in college). At the high school level, I have extensive experience teaching introductory biology (including MCAS prep), IB biology, and AP Biology. I have worked with students with IEPs, gifted and talented learners, and college prep classes. At the middle and elementary school level, I have been teaching 4th-6th grade science at the International School of Boston for the past 4 years, with a focus on hands-on student led learning. I also worked at The Center For Talented Youth’s gifted and talented summer camp for 10 years and therefore, have extensive experience working with gifted and talented learners as well. 


I am an artist, teacher and director of educational programs with experience in graphic design and communications. Since earning a graduate degree in art education, I have taught a wide range of art courses, including Foundations, Photography, 2D, 3D, Ceramics and IB Art. My students have been from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds living in countries such as Ecuador, Switzerland, Egypt and the U.S. In addition to engaging students with relevance and context, I believe in demonstrating how to learn rather than teaching students what to know. Students of today needs to be given the tools to solve their own creative problems and generate their own ideas.

??    Who said… “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ?*

* William Butler Yeats