Project-based enrichment and academic support

Since April 2020, we have been hosting a group of rising seventh graders from Arlington Public Schools in remote/online project-based learning and enrichment activities. More than remote learning, this is also about having productive, collaborative, and exploratory time with classmates while engaging collaborative, creative and critical-thinking skills. Activities have included 3D modeling and coding, science and engineering experiments, debating, book discussions, writing challenges, and imaginative exercises.

For the fall, we will be shifting the online time more to academic support and group study halls, with optional enrichment projects. Afternoon in-person, outdoor sessions will also be available.

If you have a child in other grade levels, we suggest you consider joining together with peers/friends to form a small group (4 to 8 students)


  • Synchronous online meetings and asynchronous project-based learning
  • Grades 5-8 (variety of subjects) and 9-12 (social studies, English, arts & humanities)
  • Small groups of 4 to 8 students, ideally those who already know each other (parents, talk to others you know to form a group!)
  • Elements can be flexibly adapted (frequency, subject material, learning goals)
  • Curriculum geared to state standards and can be related to schoolwork or not
  • Minimizing screen time to the extent possible
  • Collaborating teachers provide a wider range of subject expertise
  • Individual tutoring also available

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: email Nate at or call 617-899-3136 to discuss. Or submit this form:

Fall 2020 Project-based enrichment and academic support survey

If you would like to explore enrichment and academic support options, please enter your information here. No commitment! But it really helps us gauge the potential scale and particular interests as we put this program together.

Meetings are typically remote/online. But we can also meet some afternoons outdoors in Arlington, MA.
(If so, please ask them to visit here and complete the form themselves)