Fall 2020

Updated July 27, 2020

Planning for the fall is complicated right now: so many moving targets, unknowns, and differing comfort levels with various contingencies. Consider the questions below, and then let’s have a conversation. This may be followed by a Zoom chat with all interested parents for efficient evaluation and airing of possibilities.

Who might consider an engagement with us: groups of students/families who already know each other and are considering home-schooling options; those seeking to supplement the regular school curriculum or replace parts of it; and those in need of individual or small-group tutoring.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: email Nate at nate@welearntogrow.com or call 617-899-3136 to discuss.

Things to discuss in planning a multi-student engagement for fall 2020

  • Assuming collaborative, creative and critical-thinking skills are built in, what project-based learning objectives would you want? And/or, what subject areas should be covered? What standards?
  • What start and end dates do you have in mind?
  • How many students?
  • What considerations concerning unpredictable circumstances (Covid-19) are top of mind for you?
  • Online, in-person, or a blend? If any in-person, how do you envision that?
  • What synchronous (Zoom) hours and days of the week would you want?
  • How will assessment be handled? Or, what factors will deliver student motivation and accountability?
  • How much of a priority is it to minimize screen time? (If it’s important, we’ll discuss strategies.)

Please email Nate at nate@welearntogrow.com or call 617 899 3136.